My name is Michał Wicherek.

I am interested in architecture, computer graphics and sport, especially rock climbing. In each of these activities I try to fulfill myself, improve my skills, and deepen my knowledge.
Many years of working in architecture firms in Poland and abroad, as well as fulfilling numerous private commissions, has allowed me to consistently meet clients’ expectations. I am a very patient and outgoing person and I have good team-working and communication skills. Meeting my customers’ needs is my top priority and I appreciate constructive criticism, which helps to ensure that each project consists of only the best solutions.
I produce architectural plans and CAD documentation, as well as 3d models, architectural visualizations, animations, and graphic projects. Because of my interest in computer graphics I am very comfortable using many different types of software. Yet I still pursue deeper knowledge and new skills.
The quality of my work is a result of my individual approach to each problem and also a mutual understanding between my client and me. My contact with customers could be compared with rock climbers sharing a rope, with the overarching values being mutual understanding, respect, and trust.